Estate planning is about more than having a will or trust. It is about having the appropriate strategies in place to enable the transfer of your assets to the intended recipients with the least amount of difficulty, administrative costs, and taxes. Estate planning may also mean exercising a gifting program while you’re still living. With so many changes in estate tax law over the past decade an estate plan is advised.

As an executor or trustee you are considered the Fiduciary. The Fiduciary is obligated to account for all assets, expenses and other financial matters related to an estate or trust.

Our Fiduciary Accounting services include:

  • Tax planning to minimize taxes for an estate, trust or beneficiary
  • Ensure guidelines outlined in the trust instrument are being met
  • Calculate fiduciary commissions
  • Allocate assets and transactions for beneficiaries and prepare schedules
  • Record and classify receipts and disbursements for tax and accounting purposes
  • Record capital changes
  • Allocate transactions between principal and income